What is CS Ed Camp?
CS Ed Camp will be a virtual conference where CS teachers can learn from other professionals in the CS field.
CS Ed 2021 will take place virtually on 4/24 from 9am to 3:30pm.
Event Info
The CS Ed conference will be formatted as an 'unconference'. Participants can expect to be the driving force of the topics discussed through the day.
The conference will also include 3 Anchor sessions on teaching Microbits, Algorithms through a Rubik's cube, and Capture the Student: Teaching Cybersecurity in your classroom. 
Participants can look forward to developing their classroom's curriculum regardless of grade level. 
The conference will be held virtually on the platform Hopin. Participants will receive their individual link-invite after registration.
Fee: $25 - refunded if participant is present on the day of the conference.
First 75: The first 75 people to register will receive a few extras!
- $20 food refund 
- Swag, includes: T-shirt, mug, Microbit v2 bundle, & Rubik's cube.
*Swag bag will be shipped to you at no cost. Must be registered by the end of Wednesday*
Please direct any questions to the following email addresses. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Anchor Sessions

Using a Rubik's Cube to Teach Algorithms
Presenter: Jeff Solin
In this session, you will leave with a solid start and all the brain tools needed to get something off your bucket list, solving a Rubik's Cube! In this session, Jeff will introduce you to the anatomy and mechanics of a Rubik's Cube, then get you well on your way through your first solve using the easy-to-learn "Beginner Method." Jeff has taught hundreds of people how to solve the cube including 2 astronauts, Adam Savage from Myth Busters, and Peter Sagal from Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. He even successfully bribed his own children to learn! There are a minimal number of algorithms to memorize with this method, and once comfortable with it, you can easily solve in 1-2 minutes! You'll be given a 1-pager with all you need to know to continue solving on your own. "Wait...did you say algorithms in a conversation about toys?!" That's right...cubing is a great way to introduce algorithmic thinking to students of any age :)
Capture the Student
Presenter: David Schwartzberg
Capture the flag (CTF) events originated as military practice maneuvers focused on developing skills and teamwork. The Information Security field embraces the same ethos on the cyber battlefield for similar reasons and more. Join this session to learn how to teach your students using this highly successful gamification methodology. Or pick up a couple new tricks from this seasoned CTF competitor and CTF event creator. You will be in competition with each other in a very, very short CTF. All skill levels welcome.
Micro:bits 101 for Elementary & Middle School  
Presenter: Bobby Oommen
Micro:bits are a great way to introduce physical computing to elementary and middle school students.This session will be a hands on workshop in which you will learn about what the Micro:bit is and can do, get an overview of the tools available to use it for both in person and remote learning, and leave with plenty of resources to best implement it at your school. You do not need a physical Micro:bit to participate in this session. 
CS Ed Camp 2021 Schedule